Monday, September 27

i actually have time for myself today. thank You Lord, blessed be Your name.
me wants a beanie.

Thursday, September 16

and he shall exalt himself in his heart. though it's not great in its context and as one not supposingly be, but this particular line stood out ..from the book of Daniel.

good morning.
i am so sick of being being. i think i might just cut my hair again. might.
a monologue-spree, it's driving me crazy. hmm, i think it's funny.. my mind is intelligent as it is on its own. it's rather hard to not indulge excessively in whatever i am supposed to do and it's so easy to fall out from what i am supposed to want to be. as we get older, we tend to be more reserved huh. but that doesn't mean i stop caring. i am fine. love-chilled. i am learning how to practise that on a daily basis. you know, i want to..say something. my mind is really really really growing an idea. not yet.. it's not vague but i am not there yet, so i am still trying to figure them out.. things. hmm.. till then i will stay on-track. there is nothing easier than to be a complacent sinner.. how i am not a stranger to that. and i see my reflection everywhere. but God is graceful. He knows you better than you yourself, me better than i do. you have your freewill and the easiest is never good but always the favourite. what do you do for living? 'living'. living..? living...