Saturday, May 28

almost 8 months ago when i started driving on real roads, my mind was really of one that only focused on the road and how i should try to prevent mishaps..being paranoid even when the car was half a km away. i implied the 'no talking to me' rule because my brain could never process a thing other than driving. lol. fran was asking me about some maths once. lol. bout' the upside.., i actually built some muscles.. ha ha especially the shoulder. due to regular position tension? ha ha. i almost forgotten how is it being just a mere passenger and need not worry about driving. i fit a driver's shoe now, and the way i look out the window as a driver is ..urm, a little fee-ling-ful. lol. i feel a mixture of feelings. lol. in a good way. i need to learn how to take care of my car now, another serious responsibility. but i am trying and i thank God for His constant protection and remarkable saving work.

coming to the end of year 3 has certainly made me more 'seasoned' than a year ago. ha ha. i used that word 2 years ago. ha ha. it's a different seasoning this time. i am not as emotional as i used to be even though i expect much more than before. they say when you expect more, you get hurt easily? so quit expecting. no you don't. there is always an expectation. because i care. because you care. as long as your heart is beating, there is always an expectation. but there are exceptions which we will learn. that i learned.

i was humbled too.. i have a pride,.. which i need not.. i could have succeeded on my own but without God, the crown is perishable.

i realised i can still sleep more than 15 hours even at this age. ha ha.

the end.