Wednesday, November 25

and oh i forgot .. to smile.. :)

Tuesday, November 24

my thoughts are not choking anymore. and now i have to ...

1. get a hair-trim.. hair starting to curl @@
2. a new dress ... i have not found the ONE yet T.T ( found )
3. get some books from salvation
4. and a new guitar..

and i have missed ...

black nails..


Monday, November 16

Saturday, November 14

it's raining again. and i feel sorrowful, deep in feelings. maybe it's the rain.. perhaps it's the time of the month again. cause of it could be everything but nothing, no one in particular. shhh. let's close our eyes, no human being can fully understand me except You. i am flawed like that. this is a personal post i guess. it's been a while since i got this tempestuous. it's alright.. 3 hours.. maybe i will take just a little longer this time .. but it will not be expressed bodily, just in words by thoughts. don't dig, a warm smile will do. the mirror reflects, naked.. i feel naked.. i unveiled too much, feel like a portion of me is dissolved.. now shhh. silent. move on with your life. i am sturdy but i am frail too. .. .. do you understand.. that's human that's me... the rain has stopped. everything is transient. just like this piece. just like this sorrow. and just like this life.

Tuesday, November 10

five minutes after we die, we'll know exactly how we should have lived.

i have asked for too much. thanks for your help. and happy 21st darling keng ! <3<3