Sunday, September 27

brushed my teeth. filled tap water into my bottle. changed my bedsheet. everything seemed so vivid but the mind wasn't. the light was so bright, i stared into it, did i get myself blinded for a moment. i wished i could leave a gap before my fullstop. stop! i am tired. i can't speak. maybe i need a rest.

Wednesday, September 23

it's been a week ! ppanic attack ! *sweating with sudden increased gut motility*

Monday, September 21

the clock shows 7.55pm, about just an hour ago i had a stomachache.

i have been contemplating a lot lately, so much that i feel like i am going crazy. nothing less i discovered. there were doubts creeping into my core threatening my every thought and questioning my every action. dissolve! i prayed. i searched for Your words. the night was still, my defiant soul silent.

a friend fell into transgression.. i.. yes it is not fair for anyone to judge even me, who knows what will happen.. what is common is not always right but you and i both know, there is a definite sad ending and it is a mistake. i am not against you, but your actions.. i will be by your side no matter what. some say ignorance is bliss, i think it's bullshit. running away and ignoring will not help. deal with it, it sure hurts hell but deal with it, if you need help seek for help. i did. and some say the truth always hurt, the truth HURTS, but it sets you free. think about it.

just to share some thoughts.. pretty serious huh. anyways, holidays started, i mean 'study break'.. i read some books.. just not textbooks. ahahaha. progress been slow but i am doing my best. you know, i am beginning to miss some things. and somewhat i am not into the courtship yet.. not now.. ceh wahhh ahahah i am talking about books.. yes a courtship with books !

Saturday, September 12

Father, I see Your ways.

Monday, September 7

So patient, so gracious, so merciful and so true...

So wonderful in all You do. You fill me. You see me.

Wednesday, September 2

fhappy bookday to jessica hong yoke poh. Hahhaa. Some say it is not good to write your full name on a website. Hmmm? Sui guan.. on the other hand, how do i feel being 21 and all legal? Ha ha ha. I feel booked.


eyeball runs down.

sounds wrong. Lol. this time around, something special happened, had a birthday celebration that i never had before. Going to blog about it some time. For now, i just want to expresss a hearftful thank-you to all my friends who made it happened that Thursday night especially to keng keng, oh my love and the charming V.I.P you know who you are if you are reading this. Hehe. Thanks for the presents.. imma post it up too. Blessed 21st birthday indeed.. all because of you guys.. xie xie.. and thanks puchi, krystle, xinli and edmund for the steamboat meal.