Monday, March 14

You will keep those in faith, i believe. Japan's been hit, Lord i pray for Your mercy and relief over that country. i think many things will come to pass soon. let my heart matters what that matters.


i had a difficulty yesterday out of my own carelessness. a.g.a.i.n. lol. But you know, the Lord sent help. yesterday, i locked myself out of the car at the hospital when i was supposed to clerk a patient at the clinic. definitely racing against time as the clinic closes at 6 p.m. and it was almost 5 p.m. panicky. called the 'lock man' hey and he wanted to charge me rm50. fran managed to bargain to rm40. out of the blue while clerking i told the patient's mum about my problem and she said her husband could help. so we waited. her husband came and tried to help us, but in the midst of trying what seemingly not working, a chinese uncle came suddenly, asked a two-worded question,a three-worded question, then another two-worded question, did some magic with the stick and 'tak' my car was free. i thanked him, he smiled a little and walked away, disappeared. i wondered where did he go. in my mind, i was half thankful, half worried, a quarter humoured.

back at the clinic, i managed to talk to the whole family of four. and completed my physical examination on the child as well. lol. they were quite impressively friendly that we spent more time talking then me clerking. and they are apparently quite familiar with ucsi students. lol. it was an eventful night. and i learned a lot about my case too. the presentation this morning was ok.

i thank God. i am speechless. it was all too much of a coincidence. and this morning was a pleasant surprise. *blushed* but i am reminded again that it's God's granted favor. but it made my day. juts want to share a simple story after so long. ahaha. eop is coming. i am going to miss paeds.