Monday, October 26

home sweet home, best feeling ever. i have never felt so relieved? it is amazing how time flies, and how fast one can grow fat. hehe.. neh, i don't feel pathetic or anything, i am just so glad that this semester is overrr with an extra 2 kgs, three and a half more years to go woohoo! everybody knows it is going to be tough but hey, let's move on and face the challenge with a better self. if you are screwed up, unscrew yourself. up and down. if you are out of shape, gogo get in shape. that is for me, i know. walk the talk woman. haha. speaking of that, remember i was talking about pretty leather bags, well i walked the talk and went on a hunt. so, the other day in midvalley i spotted a very vintage looking leather bag at topshop, the colour, the texture, the smell, the overall contour, woman i'm telling you it's perfect i love it. flipped the price tag over? RM 313. beautiful, i can only own by sight yeh. ;P then as i was strolling around, behold people, there was this tiny little bag, in awkward brown, which looks a lot like leather but it is not, almost similar to the one i saw in topshop, just much cuter and cuter! aha! and the price fuhh. cutest. rm40. and so, i bought miss cutie over miss 313. october has been a spending month, that is it. no more. the line is drawn and i shall stay within the boundaries.

alright, enough of bag story and being a girl.

i want to write this down as a reminder. this morning when i woke up, something i heard over the news made me upset. mom was telling me the news about the man who splashed acid on his wife and daughter, the wife did not make it, died and daughter's eyes went blind. it is saddening. it is very scary when people lose control. lose sanity. least i can do is pray. i have to stop being so ignorant. pray hard for the nation, for your friends and family.

Friday, October 16

shhh. be still. Do not worry.. i love You

Monday, October 12

Thursday, October 8

waaaaa. saw some really pretty looking leather bags on old flame... that vintage feel. urgh! $$ lackadaisical. what a word. what a word !!!!! too many things to buy!!!!! T.T

Thursday, October 1

another earthquake. it's happening. and it's getting nearer.