Saturday, August 7

yeah, it's not always easy but i will try. the day is the day where He has made and i will rejoice in it. good morning and i have heard of the morning star, could it be the sun. the sun, the center of the universe, encircled by all the others. how vast is the universe, the word universal is used to describe worldly, what about the universe itself, infinite? don't you think each of us is just like the size of a microbe if compared to the size of the earth, smaller than a speck of dust.. the universe is infinite and i am infinitesimal. we all are. people always say, only god knows why. how. when. who. whatever Wh questions you can think of, without really appreciating the existence of God. and oh my god. My God knows me. and each and everyone of us. who are all infinitesimal. i am not mocking but i am at awe because God, He knows me. and i go wordless as i am thinking of it. i wish i could wake up everyday and appreciate this. He who stood before creation and spoke the earth into motion knows me and all of His creations, each and everyone of us, to whom i can never comprehend. and we are significant to this master of the infinite universe. ..

You breathed man into life but are denied by man, You made science possible but science makes god-proof. yet, so much affection for all rejections. God, how do we deserve You.. how.