Wednesday, August 26

pelbagai persoalan timbul di minda, tidak dapat menumpukan perhatian dalam perkara-perkara yang dilakukan. bukan, saya bukan cakap pasal awak, saya bercakap tentang diri. ades. yang sebenarnya, ..sekiranya mu memahami jess,.. segalanya akan menjadi dan berjalan lancar. jangan kilan, maafkan jess sekiranya ada salah silap cakap atau perlakuan. tidak mengapa jua kerana jess tetap menyayangi mu banyak-banyak.. makin hari makin jurang, makin cepat masa berlalu. namun hari masih indah, bulan mangambang dan si matahari menyinar cerah, masing-masing memberi sinar harapan baru setiap hari, saling membantu bila satu berlangsir. jess akan berusaha bersungguh-sungguh, jess janji.

Tuesday, August 25

bro says he misses me! i misss you too didi! wait for jiejie, coming back soon ~!

Thursday, August 20

I feel inept as you question, as there is much more to be learned, as I should have. Another day has passed by, progression has been good, ‘mission impossible 256’ here I come. And yes speaking of today, I got slightly ticked off by the self, strictly a personal warfare.. think I am doomed? The unenthusiastic thoughts no longer linger now, I chose to let it go. I am smiling. It does not need to be bad all the time, and i would wish good is all the time. Anyways, loads to do, really and I miss home.

Wednesday, August 19

hey, thanks. you made my day, girl.
the snack bars were suprisingly delicious, had some for supper. i am so growing. lol. and i am contemplating whether or not to chop my bangs, but i like floppy long sexy fringes.. don't want to regret over it after all is done. how ah ? speaking of hair, i am seriously hair is not thick to begin with yet they just keep falling, and falling. AAAHHHH. now that is inevitably the greatest motivator to chop my hair. -.- and then let's talk about books. i am not pulling the line yet, not even touching it. lazy lazy, uh uh. while i was blog hopping earlier, i stumbled upon Cynthia's baby doll blog and found out that she has an online boutique, An Old Flame, it made me go gagaga. $$$ lackadaisical, really nice to S-E-E though, you and i, we have the same taste. and finally i am getting sleepy. goodnight.

Tuesday, August 18

a little prayer

O Father, You are wonderfully inspiring. Thank You for everything, for Your peace and Your promises, and for Your grace. Even at my lowest point, my spirit is lifted up high.. i was upset but i see a silver lining, everytime. I am not to declare how optimistic i am but Lord, it was all because of You. Way surpasses hormones. i have been sceptical, doubtful..and sinning but Lord, You are faithful and forgiving, You never gave up on me. You open doors for me and You watch me grow, shining my path, the flowers boomed along me. Thank you, O Father. and here is a little prayer for those who are weary and tired, Lord, i pray you grant them strength and peace of mind to endure the demanding path that awaits them. I pray O Father, that You will also sustain and give comfort to heart-broken and dejected souls, You may close a door but You will and always, open another door, unfold their eyes and unlock their hearts, O Father to see and to comprehend these difficult circumstances. Thank You O Father. How great is Your Love. Amen.

Thursday, August 13

i can't laugh all i want ! cause' it hurts ! period cramp faster go away

Tuesday, August 11

argh ! there is this restriction to write ! i can't express myself fully ! not again ! argh ! i wanna marrrryyyyy brad pittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ! argh !

fly a kite

oh no. too soon. it is not right, not at all. gotta take it slow cause it scares the skull out of me, not good. that is not the way to do it. ever learn how to fly a kite ? you don't let go of the string all at once.. you pull back and let go.. little by little..

this post is inspired by keng.

Monday, August 10

mystifying woodlands. wished they could slow down the pace and allow some time for self reflection. but then again, if it was so, we would probably reach the top only by sunset. heh. it was creepy at some point.. with the spiritual stories and all. and the thoughts of you getting lost in the jungle, afraid and alone in the dark, every second seems like an eternity, every little sound haunts you inside out, every pore tingles as if you were being watched from every crook.. eerie. in the midst of all that, i do like the one of a kind serenity.. heh. it is not that bad. i would love to walk under the canopy, and be greeted by sunshine-filtered mist, encircled by twiggies and heart-shaped leavies, above and below. and my shadow being my guest. while listening to kari jobe's singing over me. perfect huh. this trip to FRIM was a rather good one, shed like 3L of sweat and was meat-overdosed for lunch. too bad i wasn't acclimatized to the level above ground. it could have been better. heh. but i am glad and contented for everything ! the trip, the people involved and for me for not having any injuries. good stuff :)

Wednesday, August 5

best dream today ...... lol. dreamt lam fung as a cement worker who has the most spontaneous personality, where he didn't even look me in the eyes yet that was the best accidental conversation i ever had with a guy. lol. i am not a fan of lam fung, bear that in mind. there was another guy .. and another one.. who played the piano so well. *drools*

Tuesday, August 4

yikes. the caterpillar who was once insulated in a cocoon has boomed into a frivolous beautiful butterfly. finally. it quickly found its way up through the air and flew away, leaving behind little trails and then..slowly out of sight. good luck, hun. oh caterpillar, i am grateful for your love and the time you chose to remain in your cocoon, faithfully waiting. many times you could have evolved and flew away, but you chose to stay. for me. do so even more for you being the cute caterpillar that i once adored. oh caterpillar. safe flying. :) gonna miss you.

caterpillar-not, i realised physio quiz is coming too soon. this is bad. er. can i say shit . ? not a good way to distress. cope well sweetheart.

Saturday, August 1

Again, it is not about me anymore. I .. i ..need to commit. Commit. Must not go astray. Please, stay focus. Please.