Saturday, January 29

a sentence being written as a two-liner differs a lot in meaning from it being written as part of a paragraph. huh .. i have stood for a while now, i just want to sit.

Friday, January 21

You will see me through.. Father.

Monday, January 17

they say dream is a form of escapism for the overloaded mind. having said that, i think i am having retrograde amnesia. what's with the ancient dream? and nothing of the present! ouh, and i dreamt of eating minced pork noodle in dark sauce, must have been hungry. that tasted good though. when i woke up, somebody served me spaghetti in tomato sauce with mushroom and chicken. that was gOOd too. a big thank you. so yeah, about the dream... i dreamt of nic and nian. so weird. and we were in the arcade playing car racing. but nic was not talking to me and i could only hear her laughter. i joined in the race too. dengan pro-nya, sejak bila ya. lol. and nian like usual, blur at the back, laughed till cannot see eyes. i don't know what was he doing in my dream. after that, we went for noodle at sam kok dei. yooo, i remembered the taste. even after like 10 years... ahaha. i was left feeling deprived after waking up to a phone call. i have not yet finished eatingggggggg grrr. ahaha. but it was fine, there was real spaghetti waiting. ahaha. sweet. praise God and thank you. it's a dinner dream. and i am not studying................... lol.

Sunday, January 16