Saturday, January 23

i have little control over my mind these days.. hmm. i can't convey here.. sometimes it gets flooded with crazy weird ideas. other times it dwells on bizarre dreams. i learn from my dreams. hmm..

Thursday, January 7

wooosh. ok. up up everyday is a challenge, time and tide waits for no man perrrrrr. alright time to fight! got some really cool bargain yesterday.. keke.. nice. ok here i come.

Wednesday, January 6

your bitterness numbered another drop. i have had my struggles when nobody could understand, and my sanity was put on stake with every step i took to learn why is why, why. then i realised something. and you were seeking. so i tried and i tried harder, because you are a believer. i am as bitter in the end, each time and i don't even get to know you.