Saturday, July 31

how blank yet so alive

what hath she? no love is greater than Thine, she hath nth but all, all that never lasts, oh her hearth is grieved! Thou art the beginning and the end, and the only One. she hath her mind cease, but her spirit soars, to the ocean and to the sky, oh so high! she couldst ride on clouds of joy and sing of Thy love.. what a marvelous sight.. she give thanks to Thee.

Wednesday, July 28

Thursday, July 22

wake up. do you remember how you were like?

Saturday, July 3

i should start quoting from medical books. gee. yes, please. arghhh, i am having a caffeine rush. not good not good. what's up? her. really really impressive. i must say she outdid many of the male actors i've seen. fantasticccc. she is a dominator! i am really really really impressed.