Monday, December 28

just finished reading a book by brennan manning, i believe one can't help but be amazed of how passionate his writings are and how we are challenged by his viewpoint as a follower of Christ. he wrote a remarkable love letter to the Sovereign Lord. it isn't a fiction book.. at one point, i knew what he was talking about because i had had the same experience. i thank the Lord once again for this book which is a Christmas present from a dear friend. ;) anyways, Christmas has passed and new year is coming. ay ay, let's not talk about new year resolutions because daily resolutions in their own aspects are already difficult to accomplish. 2009 has been a good year anyhow.. ;) my memorable 21st birthday celebration, the friends that i have known, the experiences that i have gained and best of all, i can mark off several items on my to-do-list ! (you know how i have always wanted to learn guitar..) wahahaha. best of best of all, i have built a closer, truthful relationship with the Lord, to know the person and the god He is, eventhough i may not comprehend fully. That is the way He is.

happy new year friends folks people guys ! let's embrace the new year as it comes dan terbanglah tinggi-tinggi seperti helang gagah yang memuncak langit !

Wednesday, December 23

crappy song

it isn't a mutual thing,

neither is it the first time

one, two, three, four

and i always make the same mistake.

give me an eraser

and i will give you a cleared board

stone cold heart

it isn't but a labyrinth.

it takes anonymous ways,

one, two, three, four

it's not complete.

Monday, December 21

it isn't easyyyy and i must say i am getting a little frustrated thinking about it. why oh why?! year end post coming up.. meanwhile.. hmm.. how am i not excited this time around.. i don't wonder why, maybe i just grow out of it ..ahh. but there are some things, some things that linger long.. hmm.. i miss those things.. speaking of which, i watched chibi maruko today.. aha.. i just love how they do the 'sweat face' O.O """ plus the sound effect..that goes something like.. 'duinggggggg' O.O"""" ahaha.. bugger.. i just wanna get this bug outta my head.. where's my prince.. lol. i am really annoyed... argh . .do i even blog like this.. bugger..
it felt like my heart was pricked for a second. what was that? goody, it went away and heart was sealed with much love. ;) thank You Lord. i love You.

Thursday, December 17

it is a lovely morning but the sun is shaded. i need some warmth :(

i was standing on the aisle of nowhere, it was empty though i stopped at a side and sat. and i found some flowers in my pocket..pretty tiny sunflowers, pink and yellow both. and i smiled to myself.. and i was just lying there, admiring the flowers.. and then the gray backdrop slowly faded, revealing the bare blue sky. did the roof just poof? a tiny drop snaked down my face.. where's the warmth?

Wednesday, December 16

hyper :D
As i am preparing for PBL, i can’t help but getting distracted by the thoughts of random people, random things. Have i told you i am a person with short attention span? Huhu. You know i was thinking about yesterday’s christmas celebration one second and then suddenly, i was thinking of someone’s blog, and right now, thinking of the word ‘fat/fattening’. LOL. No love, i am not sensitive about lipids and its deposition although i do get concerned sometimes but it is alright. Perhaps i have learnt better how to appreciate the wonders of food these days. Anyways, holidays coming soon, like reaaaal soon and i am pretty excited. YESSS. J Nothing fancy, just plan to spend time with at home with family and catching up with studies. And get in tune with my new guitar, learn some new songs, and learn how to sing the most beautiful melody to the Lord. After all, that was where i first got started, the heart of worship. You know i have several great teachers but the greatest of them all is undeniably God because it is Him who have taught me how to play and sing tunes that come from the heart, and giving me the opportunity to learn from good others and a guitar. Good Lord. J Alright, got to get back to PBL, happy holidays and merry christmas friends! Love, jess.

Thursday, December 10

i don't want to talk anymore.
sometimes, dealing with life and people can be exhausting. do you understand?

Wednesday, December 9

kekekekekeke. i wasn't robbed. i got my rewards today. ;)

Sunday, December 6

By your grace and mercy, i am what i am today eventhough i am not perfect in the eyes of men but Lord i am perfect in Your sight, fearfully and wonderfully made. tears accompany glum, smiles usher joy .. these are your wonderful creations. me. us. mother nature. the sun the rain the sky. the earth. i will learn to love and to live. i treasure this day as it is, and i want to be skilled. 10,000 hours, 100,000 hours.. i will do what it takes, with Your grace. Amen.

Saturday, December 5

Friday, December 4

i would totally fall for jacob. you know that thing he did outside the cinema, spontaneously held her hand and then let go, i think that's the cutest thing ever. awkward but cuteeee. and you are warm, it's a jacob thing... aaah. killer line.