Tuesday, January 3

and so it's year 2012. entering second half of year 4. well, here i come again. just wanna thank God for everything.

AnugrahMu kepadaku tak pernah berubah..
PerbuatanMu terlukiskan di dalam hatiku..
Tercengang ku dibuatMu kagum padaMu..
Tak ada hal di hidupku luput dariMu..


tiada sepertiMu..

terima kasih Yesus...

Sidney Mohede 'Tiada SepertiMu' (Behind The Scenes/Rehearsal Clip 'Loude...

AnugrahMu kepadaku tak pernah berubah
PerbuatanMu terlukiskan didalam hatiku
Tercengang ku dibuatMu kagum padaMu
Tak ada hal di hidupku luput dariMu

Kau indah Kau mulia Tiada sepertiMu
Kungin hidupku menyenangkanMu

Kau terawal dan terakhir pencipta segalanya
Seluruh bintang pun bersinar oleh ucapanMu
Engkau pun mengasihiku penulis hidupku
Tak henti segnap nafasku penyembahMu selalu

Kupuji kusembah Tiada sepertimu
Kuingin hidupku menyenangkanMu

S'gala puji S'gala hormat
Seg'nap hatiku menyembahMu
Terimalah seg'nap hidupku
S'bagai persembahan yang hidup

Bukan kehendakku namun kehendakMu
Hidupku bagiMu
Kau indah, Kau mulia
Kuingin hidupku menyenangkanMu

(English Translation)

Your Grace for me never changes
And what You have done is painted in my heart
I'm amazed by You
I stand in awe of You
There is nothing in my life that You don't see

You are beautiful, You are glorious
There is none like You
I want to please You all of my days

You are the beginning and the end
The Creator of everything
The stars shine by Your words

And You love me, the Author of my life
With all my breath i will worship You always

I praise You, I worship You
There is none like You
I want to please You all of my days

All of my praises
All of my reverence
All of my heart worship you
Take all of my life as a living sacrifice for You

Not my will but Yours be done
For my life is Yours
You are beautiful, You are glorious
I want to please You all of my days

Wednesday, September 7

Saturday, May 28

almost 8 months ago when i started driving on real roads, my mind was really of one that only focused on the road and how i should try to prevent mishaps..being paranoid even when the car was half a km away. i implied the 'no talking to me' rule because my brain could never process a thing other than driving. lol. fran was asking me about some maths once. lol. bout' the upside.., i actually built some muscles.. ha ha especially the shoulder. due to regular position tension? ha ha. i almost forgotten how is it being just a mere passenger and need not worry about driving. i fit a driver's shoe now, and the way i look out the window as a driver is ..urm, a little fee-ling-ful. lol. i feel a mixture of feelings. lol. in a good way. i need to learn how to take care of my car now, another serious responsibility. but i am trying and i thank God for His constant protection and remarkable saving work.

coming to the end of year 3 has certainly made me more 'seasoned' than a year ago. ha ha. i used that word 2 years ago. ha ha. it's a different seasoning this time. i am not as emotional as i used to be even though i expect much more than before. they say when you expect more, you get hurt easily? so quit expecting. no you don't. there is always an expectation. because i care. because you care. as long as your heart is beating, there is always an expectation. but there are exceptions which we will learn. that i learned.

i was humbled too.. i have a pride,.. which i need not.. i could have succeeded on my own but without God, the crown is perishable.

i realised i can still sleep more than 15 hours even at this age. ha ha.

the end.

Monday, March 14

You will keep those in faith, i believe. Japan's been hit, Lord i pray for Your mercy and relief over that country. i think many things will come to pass soon. let my heart matters what that matters.


i had a difficulty yesterday out of my own carelessness. a.g.a.i.n. lol. But you know, the Lord sent help. yesterday, i locked myself out of the car at the hospital when i was supposed to clerk a patient at the clinic. definitely racing against time as the clinic closes at 6 p.m. and it was almost 5 p.m. panicky. called the 'lock man' hey and he wanted to charge me rm50. fran managed to bargain to rm40. out of the blue while clerking i told the patient's mum about my problem and she said her husband could help. so we waited. her husband came and tried to help us, but in the midst of trying what seemingly not working, a chinese uncle came suddenly, asked a two-worded question,a three-worded question, then another two-worded question, did some magic with the stick and 'tak' my car was free. i thanked him, he smiled a little and walked away, disappeared. i wondered where did he go. in my mind, i was half thankful, half worried, a quarter humoured.

back at the clinic, i managed to talk to the whole family of four. and completed my physical examination on the child as well. lol. they were quite impressively friendly that we spent more time talking then me clerking. and they are apparently quite familiar with ucsi students. lol. it was an eventful night. and i learned a lot about my case too. the presentation this morning was ok.

i thank God. i am speechless. it was all too much of a coincidence. and this morning was a pleasant surprise. *blushed* but i am reminded again that it's God's granted favor. but it made my day. juts want to share a simple story after so long. ahaha. eop is coming. i am going to miss paeds.

Saturday, January 29

a sentence being written as a two-liner differs a lot in meaning from it being written as part of a paragraph. huh .. i have stood for a while now, i just want to sit.